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Belthorn History Society
We have created a DVD of the evenings spent with Jim Fletcher M.E.B. who told us the story of  “The Shed”.  A copy is available for £5.00, some of which will cover production costs and the rest to Jim’s chosen charity of the year.  If you would like a copy please telephone  01254 698540 or e-mail:
If anyone would like a copy of the school DVD covering the period 1960s -1980s, the Belthorn History Society can supply them.  We charge a fee of £5 to cover costs and towards our funds. 
The Schedule of History Group events for 2014 is available to download below

For info, listed  below are events which took place during 2013.
Tuesday 16 April  Magic Lantern Show by Mike Gerard.  The magic lantern was developed in the mid 17. century as an early form of projected image.  They were very popular in the Victorian era and this should be a fascinating look into the early form of  projected image.  7.30 pm at the school.
Tuesday 14 May  A walk around Belthorn.  Meet at The Dog Inn 7.30 pm.  For an interesting look at past life in our village.
 Saturday 15 June  A visit to Clitheroe Castle.  £3.75 (£2.85 concessions).  Parking is in Chester Ave.
Saturday 6 July  (earlier than usual).  A tour of Blackburn Museum showing life in local towns and villages over past times.  Meet at the museum at 2.00pm.
Tuesday 20 August  Learn about the story of our lovely, local Empire Theatre and it’s transformation from an empty cinema.  A donation of £2.00 towards roof repairs, please.  Meet at the theatre at 7.30 pm.
For the following meetings we will revert to our Monday venue at The Dog Inn.
Monday 16 September 7.30 pm A review of all our summer outings followed by a short film, a docu-drama called “Spanish Flu:The forgotten fallen”.
Monday 14 October  7.30 pm Jenny is giving us another of her interesting talks. This time it is about clogs and old shoes with samples and pictures to show you.  If you have any similar items on this subject then please bring it/them along.
Monday 18 November 7.30 pm On this our final meeting of 2013, we are getting into the spirit of Christmas with an early buffet/party.
We would still love to have an evening talking about the ‘hamlet’ of Bank FoldPlease, please if you have any story or photos we would like to hear from you.  Also, if you can give a talk on your interesting collection/hobby contact Diane (698540).
If anyone has any photos, artefacts, ephemera, stories, facts or information relating to Belthorn and the village’s history that they’d like to share please let us know.