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Products & Services

Smoke Alarms
Local fireman Stephen Horrocks advised villagers that the Fire Service will attend villagers' homes to install free smoke alarms and give fire safety advice.  For further details or to book an appointment please contact Stephen on:
Local Police

The local Police can be contacted on 01254 222125. Please contact the Neighbourhood Policing Team for advice and guidance on 01254 222135, mobile: 07534 501300 or e-mail  but to report an ongoing crime or incident, you must ring 0845 125 3545.

Mobile Library Service

The mobile library now comes to Belthorn on a Thursday on a 2 week rota stopping at the following locations:
2.30pm – Top Fold
2.45pm – Rydal Mount
3.00pm – Dog Inn
It has a good selection of books, including children’s