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Belthorn Village Committee
Belthorn has a village committee of volunteers who help address village issues and organise a range of community fund-raising events and activities throughout the year.

Recent minutes of meetings are available to download below.

The committee is in need of additional members who are able to devote time to get involved in village life, help maintain Belthorn's village traditions and be involved in arranging social and environmental events.  It would be great if the committee had enough willing and able members to arrange social events, especially now that the Dog Inn has opened to provide a perfect venue.
Please help us to help the village by contacting myself, committee secretary (Marianne Davies - email: or any committee member if you are interested in becoming involved, in any way,  to help improve Belthorn village life for villagers of all ages.
Meetings for year 2016 will be held in The Dog Inn on the first Monday of every other month at 7.30pm. All are welcome to attend. 

(Police and Community Together (PACT) meetings are held at 7.00 pm every other month, before the main committee meeting). 

Current Committee Members are:
Clive Carroll - Chair    Judith Hamilton (Treasurer)
Marianne Davies (Secretary)          
Collette Riding           Gary Riding    and Andy Bain
Please come along and spare any amount of time you can to volunteering and gain personal satisfaction from working to improve life in Belthorn and maintain is traditional, rural village environment.
If you wish to contact the Chair of the Committee, Clive Carroll, he is available on email:

Minutes of current and previous Committee meetings are  available to read and download below to help you to keep up to date with the work of the Committee.
Also available for download are the annual accounts for the Village Fund.
Belthorn Committee fund-raising
The Committee is reliant upon donations and fund raising in order to continue putting on events for the benefit of the village and its residents. All donations go into Committee Funds and are accounted for in the Committee meetings' minutes unless received at an event, in which case they are accounted for by the treasurer when reporting to the committee on the amounts received from the event.
If anyone would like to donate to the Belthorn Village Committee, all contributions towards village funds are gratefully received. The Belthorn Village Committee is the generic name for The Belthorn Village Hall Fund which is a registered charity. The Committee is run by volunteers who are villagers (or connected to the village) and donate their time and effort for the benefit of the village and its residents. Any monetary donations received will go towards future village events and projects.

 Minutes of Belthorn Village Committee meetings:




Village Accounts