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This page of the website is a space for villagers past and present to share information and the latest news on what's happening in our community. If anyone has any recent photos (particularly seasonal photos) taken in and around the village which might be of interest to other villagers, please e-mail them to  .... who will put them on the web site for others to enjoy.

Village Pond

The number of fish in the pond has increased dramatically in recent years so, to protect their habitat and maintain a healthy pond, the village committee contacted The Environment Agency for advice.  After a thorough health check on sample fish taken during the autumn of 2015 an Agency officer trawled the pond and took away approximately 500 fish to stock ponds used by community projects teaching children how to fish.  He advised that the remaining fish should now thrive and would need checking again in five years time.

He named some of the species of fish present as:  Rudd, Roach, Crucian Carp and Perch.  Crucian Carp are quite rare and for conservation purposes left all of this species in our pond.